Oklahoma Public Health Association

Behavioral Health Caucus


Membership is open to members of OPHA who are interested in behavioral health topics, regardless of professional discipline or section membership.


  1. Promote a holistic view of behavioral health within the OPHA

  2. Advocate for and reduce stigma associated with behavioral health issues

  3. Promote behavioral health across the lifespan

  4. Promote behavioral health from primary prevention to recovery

  5. Prevent mental illness and promote mental health

  6. Emphasize education and the science of mental illness

  7. Encourage collaboration between agencies that address behavioral health

  8. Educate OPHA members about the link provided by behavioral health to other public health priorities

  9. Integrate health literacy into behavioral health interventions

  10. Emphasize consumer and end-user input into behavioral health interventions

  11. Activate and educate key stakeholders and the general public on the value of mental health, substance use and behavioral treatment in order to achieve wellness, recovery and productivity

  12. Act as a conduit for dissemination of timely information and a recognized contact for Oklahoma Public Health Association members

  13. Address new and emerging behavioral health issues

What's New...

E-mail Caucus Chair: Sally Carter, sallyc@health.ok.gov

Caucus Co-Chair: VACANT

Caucus Secretary: VACANT

Please visit the APHA Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs, Mental Health, and Social Work sections for more information.

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